Geromel is a Brazilian-based rock singer who also doubles as a wildly skilled producer who works not only in the rock scene, but electronic rock realm as well with music that features cutting edge guitars, house beats, lounge textures, and pulsating atmospheres.

All of the above and more can be heard on Geromel’s Electric Lounge EP. Released in 2016, Electric Lounge features a handful of pulsating tracks for rock fans from all walks of life. As he wore multiple hats in the creation of the record, one can sense him in every facet of the record from the start of “Cool Down” to the very last second of “Stereotype.”

Geromel started playing guitar at the tender age of six-years-old. After that, his musical journey led him in and out several bands that covered a variety of styles from jazz to pop to his most recent, rock.


Born and raised in São Paulo-Brazil, musician and producer Marcio Geromel started playing the guitar since the age of six. At thirteen he won his first guitar and started playing in bands with school friends. At sixteen he was playing in pubs, night clubs and parties in big clubs of São Paulo.

In the late 80s, with Prysma band, played at big Surf festivals like Sundek Classic on the beach of Itamambuca in Ubatuba. In that city, during the Summer Project, he came to play for more than 20 thousand people. Other releases during that decade were a record of an LP with Pelos Poetas, followed by Sabotage band  ( formed by Chris Skepis, guitarrist of British punk- rock band Cock Sparrer).

In the ’90s he formed the hard rock group The Pills, with which he recorded a CD that came to be released in Japan and Europe. Also had great response to the video- clip of the song Pain on MTV at the time.

In 2002, with Dr Koala, started performed in pubs and clubs in South and Southeast Brazil.

From 2010 until now, Geromel features rock and electronic music in his work, which is is distributed in over 30 online platforms, also available for purchase on several platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and CD Baby.