Amy is alone in the schoolyard
Paying the price of being a nice girl
Happiness was present a long time ago
Childhood said goodbye

Sweeping frustrations under the rug
Avoiding resentments, just serving the sentence
The lightsome moments she wants to recover
Resist in her mind, the game is not over

Amy, can you hear me ?
Let’s get away now
A peaceful place is waiting
Scape from this out of tune symphony

Pleasure yourself like in paradise
Tell me what I can do for your delight
Let me get you out of this place
Make you react is my mission today

Dive in your dreams is the only way
To rescue the best days from your memory
A leap of joy in the dance floor
a perfect tune, a perfect melody


Early in the morning, feeling bored
Days just going the same as always
Sleeping 3 hours, working 10 thousands
Life is growing insane

The gold you have in the back of your hand
Is not enough to meet all the demand
Trying to survive like the radio
Your brain surrounds in stereo

The truth is you need some rest,
When lies keep coming into your head
You really don’t need the rest !
Keep the music, save the music

Sports people working in tight offices
Surfers suffering wearing suits
Quite some time you’ve been so tired
Tied-up with duties you don’t like

You force yourself to live with those lies
But your heart will never, never try it
Worn out wishes and leftover dreams
You realize this is as true as it seems


The silence in this city is no longer new for us
It’s just a matter of getting used to
What have we done, where did we fail ?
We slept for a sudden awake in a maze

Is this fear or laziness
That’s how you feel when you only see “maybes”
Heads in the clouds, I can’t find a shelter
It’s a sleep-like state on a helter-skelter

Feeling sedated by your smile
Wish I could stay in your place for a while
In your eyes I see one more chance
Wish I could never come out of this trance 

You know that I always make have weather,
But at least you can trust me 24/7
Even when you are going through difficult times
We end up together in a seven-eleven

Now you get away from those basement rooms
Bring all those things again, the pieces of your life
Throwing coins in fountains, making wishes
None of this works if you don’t turn on the lights

Road to rags

Got home feeling so tired
Head so full, full time wired
Final stop on the sofa
Have no idea for tonight

I’ll try to sleep, put my phone to snooze
Maybe later I go out, nothing to lose
She looks fine in that colorful dress
She’s not mine, she’s only a distress

When nothing makes you feel better
Whole life stuck in the traffic jam
Don’t want her to go mad
That’s not fair, she’s treating me bad

Britney Spears dancing on TV
So hot I wish she was dancing for me
A Social app, an impulse to feel randy,
Wish I had something to relieve me

Never meant to push anyone around, but even the bravest hunker down
Frustration, Indifference, Poor choices, Road to Rags


All those passers-by out there crushed in buses and subways
Keeping souls locked in cages, common machines with human faces
Forced to spend their brief lives to expand the fortune of makers and shakers
Idle or lazy, it means just the same, my skills are more and more useless…

Microwaved food, extended childhood, the new scenario of the families
This trend’s been announced for decades, refugees running towards a new abyss
The big shift is just coming true, the majority don’t know what to do
Authorities acting like enemies, arising new bursts of angry

Annoying, but this time I won’t give up
Rules should always be broken
Boring and exhausting,
it’s hard to forget
Brief life, Huge obstructions 


Suddenly she entered the room and started to complain about my failings
Her nasty side speaks so loud but, some things she said I can’t disagree
Yes I was stupid, but at least I never resent the troubles I’ve gone through
Sorry but I’m not the one of her dreams, I’ve done my best to minimize her drama

Every day, wondering  if I’ve been the rascal, the bad guy in the movie
Every night, flicking through channels, searching for a reason to call her againCan’t make it out, it was so fast, the calm waters turning into rough seas
Yeah, she’s been the one who had some fun, but I know the last laugh will be mine

Upset me was her goal, her intention
In vain I tried to win at that nasty temper
Leakage and traumas, abrasive manner
Now I’ll have to rewind all my life


Overcome day after day,
supposed to be intact all the way
ahead I only see straits
This rush is now turning to an outbrake
Technology decoding not easy
Hard to find a job, my fate is join the mob
Irritation is growing, turning into anger
Again, I’ll have to wait, wait for an answer

Memories Locked in my childhood
Hostility I always have to face
Ability: I need a lot to scape
Money goes straight, straightaway

Easy for a kid to get a gun
A lone wolf might be your housemate
His anger may become a bomb attack
Just lame excuses to exaggerate ?

Willing to suffer, willing to suffer
Tougher, Tougher Accomplishments
Willing to suffer, willing to suffer
Always be ready for judgement

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Let’s find out where it goes,
Take a chance, hold your dreams
Painting rosy pictures,
already emending the future

Design your thoughts from scratch,
scrape them off with a knife
Free hugs, volunteers,
the left field by your side

Enchantment, no resentment
Presentiment of amazing Chances

Behind your eyes the book of Kells,
enchantment and mistery
Where are those good souls,
cheerfull hearts and volunteers

Their endless joy and ecstasy
can change the world, change our minds
Write words are easy to say,
give one day out to your heart

Goodness is so hard to find
But theres a flame in our hearts
Ambition we must leave behind
Hate can only make us cry

Remains of the past

Losing my senses, Knocking the fences down,
there’s nothing to lose cause this never belonged to me
Away from my comfort zone, forget all the bad things
Like trees that shed, trees that shed their leaves

Where are you going wearing a smoking,
You know that she’s sexy, but not so intelligent,
She’s always around the block, walking the dogs,
And I’m driving along, with the remains of the past

A devided country, a wall, a courtain, Nothing is certain but this doubt is a burden, I’m waiting for decades, reading old magazines, In silent waiting rooms, darked hangars

Tears and blood, remains of the past,
Are you daring enough to defend what you sad ?
Things that you left behind, you know they’re still alive
How long will that last, How long will that last ?

Miserable salaries, persistent wars, makeshift happiness, a new avatar
Future’s only a misty figure, today’s the only sheet we have to considerWith hate they feed their marionettes, the remains of the past will continue to last
Will continue to last,  Will continue to last , Are you daring enough to defend what you sad ?

Hobo 20

Walking like a hobo, don’t know what I’m looking for
Searching for troubles, anything to live or die for
It’s late but the chances are I’m gonna l find someone who feels the same
The question persists, never sleeps: Am I searching in the right place ?

Sometimes, the right thing is not exactly what you want
Blaming at no time will be a solution, it’s just a escape, a getaway
Many hard choices and trials, quandaries, enemies
Feels like I’ve been sick and tired for decades, how long will this suffering last ?

The more I try, the less I get
Got no reason to stay
Help me get rid of memories
I’ll just fly away yeah ! away yeah yeah from this place !